Posting new 365 emails of a certain category to Airtable


I have set up a flow asking 365 to pick up any emails with a category “airtable” and to create a record in Airtable. The flow shows no errors, but there is no record created in Airtable. I even tried setting up a special folder and telling 365 email to pick up any email in that folder, it shows the email in that folder, and no errors in the flow, but still not posting to Airtable.

any help would be most appreciated,

Thank you in advance.

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Right click on first module , and then click on choose where to start , choose manually choose your email message on which you want to test.
if you want to test live , set to from now and and turn it on and then add a email under that mail folder label


Thank you, now it was at least picked up by the filter, so one step closer, but it now throws up an error in the Airtable Create a Record step:

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from outlook module data is coming as a collection and you are passing into a text field ,

using get map function get the desire value and then pass into the text field it will solve the issue , thank you


Hi, thank you for your response. I am sorry, but I understand little of what you wrote, I am brand new to Make, so I am not familiar with the environment yet. Could I impose on you to go through your instructions, step by step? Thank you very much for your time and attention.

as you didnot show the output of first module but to me looks like the problem is here , you are passing the collection may be it contain multiple values and you are passing it to text field , if you can show me the Output of first part I can help more

thank you

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I feel like an idiot, but learned something new about how Make works. I didn’t realise there were subordinate fields in the structure. When I put in the lowest field, it works a charm! By you pointing to it, I figured it out. Thank you for your time and attention, you’re support has been invaluable.

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Happy that you figured it out and learn something new :slight_smile:

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