Multiple addresses in Google Map Get Locations?

Hello All,

I’m trying to generate a Google Map URL with multiple locations.
The data comes from an Airtable field which I iterated into separate bundles.
Google Maps’ get a location will do its job for how many bundles were provided, but will overwrite the previous one each time.

I don’t know which modules to use so I can input multiple addresses in Google Map to generate one URL with all locations.

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Hi @philcyrmtl,

By Multiple Map Markers, Do you mean something like this?

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Yes! I don’t even need directions, just to show up Multiple Map Markers from multiple addresses.

Here’s how the data comes from Airtable :

I need the output to be google map URL.



You can use the Text Aggregator module to Aggregate all Google Map output URLs and put them in Airtable Update a Record module.

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Manish Mandot

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Thanks for this, but I’m looking to have only one map URL showing up all markers.
I have multiple locations that I want to show up on one Google Map URL.

I tried aggregating all the adresses to input them into one Google Map Module, but it don’t look like the Module can manage more than one location. :sleepy:

Hey there @philcyrmtl :wave:

just thought I would jump in and ask whether you made any progress with figuring out a solution for your issues.

If yes, could you share with us the info so other users can use it while dealing with similar problems?

Thank you very much! :hibiscus:

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