Multiple bundles in a single email

Hi team,
I am trying to send a single email with multiple bundles (since I am grouping them by a key value) from the text aggregator. The current scenario send multiple emails, but I would want to send these in a single email.
Some screenshots below:
This is the text aggregator output with 2 bundles grouped by a keyname. So I would want to send these 2 bundles in a single email. I also tried the “Array Aggregator”, but when I try to group by, it still has the same issue. Can you please help ?

Hi @Swarup_Alamuru ,

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You should add another text aggregator after the text aggregator you showed in the screenshot. However, this time without the group by property set.

This will output the result of your bundles as one text object.

You could format it the way you like. My example below uses the key of the group and the text that belongs to the key for each bundle seperated by a newline.

I also attached the blueprint I used for this demo so you can have a look as well in there.

blueprint (45).json (5.3 KB)


Thanks so much @Callinetic , I will try this solution.

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