Send just one e-mail, not for every bundle


I have a scenario and if in that scenario some of the files go through a filter and will be uploaded to a folder, I want an e-mail to be sent as a notification.

I do not want it to send an e-mail for every bundle, but just one e-mail informing new bundles have been added.

Is there a way for me to do that? I only get one for each bundle.

Use Array Aggregator or Text Aggregator module to aggregate all the output from the files module.

This aggregator module will help you bind all previous outputs into one, and all subsequent modules will get only 1 bundle to process (and will send only one email out).

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Hello manish,

Can you be a bit more specific? Because I tried both of them and they did not give me the right result. Either it still gives me two bundles(or multiple), or it gives me one bundle, but then it does this all the time, not just when it passes through my filter.