Send email only once after first trigger

I connected nextcloud with email sending.
So every time somebody uploads something in my nextcloud I want to get an email.
The problem right now is that if somebody uploads 10 files I do get 10 emails.
How can i handle this that I do get only one email.

Hi @kopfkino,

great use case!
Let me ask some questions to understand your challenge a little bit better.
Which scenario do you want to avoid:
a) a person uploads one file every 5 minutes and gets an E-Mail for every file. For ten files it’s ten emails but you’d like to have only one E-mail.

b) a person uploads ten files at once and receives ten e-mails.

For a) you should probably set pre-defined intervals in which it’s checked for the number of files. If there is no change = no e-mail sent.

For b) you should try out the text- or array-aggregator, depending on what you want to have in your e-mail. This way you can have the length of your array = number of files changed.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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Hi Richard,
thanks for your reply.
I’m talking about scenario b.

Thats for the hint.
Will try it.


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Alright, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:
If something does not work out. Simply drop a screenshot and we might be able to understand your workflow a little bit better! :slight_smile: