Watch folder and then send email

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Hello all.
I have set up a scenrio what on a specific date i “watch” a folder in pcloud. Then if theres a new file it will send an email.

all works fine except if 2 files are uploaded to the folder it sends 2 emails.
So basically it sends and email for each file that is uploaded.

What i would to do is just send one email regardless of how many files are uploaded.

How is the best way to do that?

i have that free account/ tier if that makes a difference.

Hi @WebDevKev

If you want to attach the two files, please utilize the array aggregator before the email module to combine the two files.

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Thanks for the reply.
I think i might of been confusing with my explaination.

My goal is the email the client when a new file as been added to their folder in pcloud.

i have managed to set up the trigger and also set up the gmail module which sends an email.

The problem i have is an email is sent for each file. so if i upload 3 files it sends 3 emails . Or if i upload 2 files it sends 2 emails.

I did try using the aggregator to see if i could do something with that but it still send the same amount of emails.

What I’m looking to do it to just send 1 email to notifiy the client that new files have been added.

I hope that is a better explaination.

thanks once again :slight_smile: