Multiple products order in WooCommerce

I have created this system that automatically sends printready files (PDF’s) to the email of our print service.

Works just fine with 1 product, but if the order has 2 products it will email the shared link to the first product - 2 times. Is there any way to get around this? I’m using item name to locate the files both in Woocomerce and ind Google Drive.

Use a Text Aggregator: In MAKE, you will use the Text Aggregator module to combine multiple text strings into one. This is useful when you have several pieces of text that you want to merge into a single string. put this after the get a shared link module and before the send an email and this will solve your issue.


Hi @Mr.Make

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

Would you please elaborate how exactly? Is it the shared links (strings) you want to combine?

Yes Since I do not see your email’s details. I am assuming you want to add the shared link to the email to send. Or did you want to add the attachments to the email?

Yes I do want to send the shared link to ‘x’ e-mail. The problem is that when I run the whole thing it only iterate over the first of the 2 products, get’s that link, and sends it. But you think it’s possible to do without using the iterator module and just the Text Aggregator module? Can’t see exactly how to do this as it only pickups the shared link from product 1 and not 2.

Please be aware that this is my first ever scenario - sorry!

For example all shared links sent in one email. That’s amazing welcome to the community and to MAKE!!! You also need to increase the limit of product you are pulling from wooCommerce. This is why you are only getting 2 products. When you open up the first module you can increase the limit to get more products. I am showing you the same concept using google drive watch folders.

Thanks Mr.Make!

Sorry - I miswrote the last message. It only pulls the shared link to the first product, not the second, third and so on… The limit was already set to 10 which doesn’t help.

As you can see, it iterate over the 2 products but it only pulls the link from the first one for some reason:

Here are more photos of the setup with an order of 2 products: “Plain Foil for Soundboks 2 Backside - Light Blue” and “Plain Foil for Soundboks 3 Grill - Purple”. I’ve created 2 bundles but for some reason there are 5. Maybe this is the bottleneck?

And then again, If I go to tools it’s like it’s only picking up the first product (all 4 files are the same):

@Mr.Make should I create a new topic?

I figured out that the only reason it pulls 2 files is beacuse I set the limit to 5 in Woocomerce Watch Orders which should be 1, or else it just pulls data from other orders in my understanding.

So the problem persist - It won’t iterate over several products in the same order. It only iterates over the very first product.

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Any ideas on how to solve this issue @Mr.Make ?

You just need to move the text aggregator source module to Woocommerce instead of google drive.

Sorry for not answering just saw your response. @Mattis