Need a custom app developed for Zoom re webinar reporting

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a developer or agency to write a custom app that I will install in Zoom accounts to report on webinar attendees.

From a scenario in Make, I will connect to a specific Zoom account and provide a webinar ID. The custom app should then return a list of participants who registered for the webinar (identified by their email address) and the total number of minutes for which they attended the webinar.

I think this API function will supply the data required:


  1. For any webinar registrant who did not attend the webinar at all, the app should report zero minutes of attendance.
  2. For webinar registrants who joined and left the webinar more than once, the app should add the length of their sessions together and report their total attendance time, in minutes.
  3. The app should be able to report on up to 500 registrants for a webinar.
  4. The type of app I require is what Zoom calls a “Private app”, i.e.:

The app does NOT need to be published to the Zoom marketplace.

  1. I’ll also need a matching Make module to use in scenarios to retrieve data from the Zoom app, or your help with connecting to the app in another way if that’s what you recommend.

Please contact me if you do this type of work and are interested in discussing this project.


Hey @Ken_Wood,

have you tried the “Make an API Call” Module? Maybe that does the trick already? :slight_smile:


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Do you mean the HTTP module?

That might work. I don’t know how to handle the authentication with Zoom though. The regular Zoom module requires that I log into the Zoom account in order create a connection, and I don’t know how to set that up for my own solution.


Actually I was thinking about the Make an API Call Module from the Zoom-Module. This way you don’t need to setup your own solution?

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Got it. I’m with you now.

The problem is that the standard Make app for Zoom does not have the scope required to retrieve this data, which is: report:read:admin

The feedback from Make support is that the only way to do it is:

“You would have created a custom app under the Zoom developer portal to call the Custom APIs. In that app, go to the scopes tab and add the scopes which you want to provide to use for the APIs.”

"Sorry to say, but Make does not offer reporting modules of Zoom as of now. Since these are requirements beyond and above the Make offerings, the Make an API call module was given to work with such cases. As there are no report modules of Zoom, Make doesn’t ask for those scopes and the connection built doesn’t have the scopes added.

As per calling the custom API, these scopes have to be added on the ZOOM platform end only. While adding the connection, you must have already set up the app on Zoom marketplace to get the client id and secret key. On the same app, you can go to the Scopes tab and add the scopes required for calling the reports API."

Ah I See, I’m sorry this wasn’t the solution :confused:


This is possible using the “Make an API Call” if you create an account level app, then those scopes are available for selection.
I was able to make this work this way.

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Yes, that’s what I want from this project: an account level app that can pull the reporting data from Zoom and send it to Make.

I didn’t have the right terminology, but that’s what I meant by “a custom app that I will install in Zoom accounts”. An app that isn’t in the public app marketplace, but which I can install in Zoom accounts that I manage.

Well I just gave you the solution buddy :slight_smile:
Here are the steps, create an app and set it as account level and do not make it publishable.

  1. Select Oauth as you app type:
  2. Set it up like so:
  3. Next fill in the oauth redirect uri and allowlist:
  4. Add desired scopes.
  5. Fill all required data (even if you dont have privacy policy urls and such just write .
  6. In Make create a new Zoom connection and click on advanced settings:

    Add client ID and Client Secret and click ok.
  7. Use a Make an API Call to request that report you need:

    This is what you get:

And voila you are done.


Great one @EyalGershon !
So for the scopes @Ken_Wood make sure you add the following (in this case), since Make also requires the user information scope

  • report:read:admin
  • user:read:admin

If you want to make any additional API calls, look into the required scopes and add them in the app. For easy copy/pasting here you have the redirect URL you will have to fill in:

and for the allow list you can either add the same URL or use the base URLs for make:

Happy coding!