Need an offer for "Sendinblue Contact transfer to Google Contact"

Hello :wave: !

I need help with the implementation of the following scenario. Contacts from Sendinblue must be transferred to Google Contacts via make.

However, I have the following requirements:

  1. only new contacts may be transferred from Sendinblue to Google

  2. if contacts are already created in Google, no duplicate contacts should be created

  3. if a contact changes in Sendinblue, this change should also be reflected in an existing Google contact

  4. if a contact is deleted in Sendinblue, it should also be deleted in Google Contacts

  5. the comparison between Sendinblue and Google Contact should therefore only take place if a contact in Sendinblue is 1. newly created, 2. changed or 3. deleted

  6. The following attributes should be transferred from Sendinblue to Google contacts:

    As I said, this contact should only be adjusted accordingly in Google if one of these attributes changes, is newly created or deleted

  7. Data (Contacts) should only be transferred from Sendinblue to Google contacts if the Sendinblue attribute “GRUPPE” contains the text “TKA” or “TKK-W” or “TKK-A” or “TKK-H” or “TKK-G” or “TKK-N”.

  8. The following must also be implemented: The contacts in Google can have the following prefix: TKA or TKK-A or TKK-W or TKK-N or TKK-H or TKK-H.
    For example, if the contact has TKK-W as a prefix, this contact will then also be assigned the label TKK-W in Google, and so on.

Please let me know who can support me and how much it would cost.



Hi Peter,
I will send you a direct message in a few minutes, in order to tell you how I would manage this project and tell you a bit more about my “business automation specialist” profile.
I am also referenced “Sendinblue Pilot Partner”.
Best regards,

Hi @vantage

This can be done in 2 hours.
If you need assistance with this, Feel free to book a slot from Calendly

@Fasil Thank you very much for your assistance to solve this problem! It works perfect!


@vantage I am very glad to hear :blush:

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@vantage Great to hear.