Need Assistance with Sending Google Sheet Data to a GET API Block in Voiceflow


I am working on a project where I’m trying to send data from a Google Sheet to a GET API block in Voiceflow. Specifically, I have created a POST webhook that collects user data (name and phone number) from a chatbot and sends it to a webhook. The webhook is connected to a Google Sheet, and I’m encountering issues with both retrieving the correct row (with the name and phone number) and subsequently sending this data to Voiceflow through a GET API block.

Steps Taken So Far

  1. Created a POST Webhook: Successfully set up a POST webhook to collect basic user data and send it to
  2. Google Sheets Configuration: Configured a webhook connected to a Google Sheet that searches for the row (advanced option).

Issues Encountered

  1. Google Sheets Error:
    I am currently facing an error in the Google Sheets operation. The error message is as follows:

The operation failed with an error. Invalid query: PARSE_ERROR: Encountered " "search “” at line 1, column 1. Was expecting one of: “select” … “where” … “group” … “pivot” … “order” … “skipping” … “limit” … “offset” … “label” … “format” … “options” …

I believe this issue is related to the search query syntax, but I’m not sure how to resolve it.

  1. Sending Data to Voiceflow:

Additionally, I would like to understand how to send the retrieved information from the Google Sheet to Voiceflow. Is there a recommended way to format this data and send it via a URL that can be used with a GET API block in Voiceflow?

I have uploaded a screenshot of what the Google Sheet module looks like

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @AGhela,

Usually, the SQL SELECT syntax is:
SELECT column1, column2, column3
FROM name_of_table
WHERE predicate;
Here, the FROM can be omitted (according to the documentation), but the list of columns cannot (if you want all the columns use: SELECT *).

And could you suppress the comma before WHERE.

Hope it helps,



Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your response, I have tried using that format and have found some success. However, I am still facing issues getting the data to be recognised correctly:

Error message
Invalid query: PARSE_ERROR: Encountered " "falsebobfalse123 “” at line 1, column 1. Was expecting one of: “select” … “where” … “group” … “pivot” … “order” … “skipping” … “limit” … “offset” … “label” … “format” … “options” …

The thing that I’m not sure of, is why it is starting at line 1 and column 1, when in the google sheets module I have specifically written where I want the data to be sourced from (A2:A and B2:B). (see attachments)

Just to reiterate my idea, I am sending a users’ Name and Phone number through a POST API to, and then using google sheets module to find and output the correctly found data.

Hi @AGhela ,

So I have created a basic Google Sheets named Contact:
and I have build the following request:

and it gives:

Another example (choosing the columns):

Hope it helps.



Hey Philippe,

I managed to get it working using the other google sheets row module. Whilst the method above did work, for my situation it wasn’t bringing up the right data, e.g. it would bring up a row was found even data entry was not in the table. I tried using a basic google sheets find row, (not the advanced one) and i got it to work.

Thank you so much for your help, and your patience to help me tackle the issues i was facing. I really appreciate it :grin:


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Heya @AGhela welcome to the community :wave:

I just want to quickly say congrats on getting this up and running with the guidance of @Philippe_Billet :clap:

Thanks for stepping back here and sharing what ended up doing the trick for you. This could be super helpful to many others who are looking for similar answers in the future. :pray: