Need Help - Duplicate event from Adalo To Adalo

Hello community,

I am new here, so need some help to understand :slight_smile:

I made a booking app with Adalo. It’s a multi side app, where a pro can add his planning (yoga class…) and a client can book it.

To improve the pro experience I want to add the option to duplicate event. Ex: Yoga class on monday – wednesday & sunday on 4 weeks. Pro just create one class through toggle he put on the days & the final date for thus event.

Through Make, I want automatize the creation of new timeslot (3 times per weeks for 4 weeks).

I understood that I have to use webhooks to take the info from adalo and after add this record to adalo.

BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW duplicate I mean create the news timeslot, which tools I have to use.

Many thanks for your help.