NEED HELP - Scenario Running Wild

I have a scenario that was designed to add records to an Airtable database from an XML parse.

I have used it several times with no issues.

THIS time it was projected to add a few hundred rows/records and it just kept going, won’t stop, and is creating thousands of duplicate records.

I hit force stop and my browser froze and the Airtable just keeps filling with records.


And it’s STILL RUNNING…burning through my operations, Airtable record limits, and Airtable automation limits.

I filled out the silly support form, but who knows when Make is going to get back to me, let alone are they even going to care this is going to cost me so much money for a client.

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Force stop is a mission critical feature. Not only when manually testing but we need to be able to force stop scenarios at any moment. I only hope that deleting a scenario is possible / will stop the seq should a critical issue occur. Can you imagine if you couldn’t stop a financial trade or a batch of emails even?

Could you delete the airtable connection, so it errors?
You’d need to recreate and map it again later, but worth a try.

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