Need help : Send DM from a personal account to a new member 😎

Hi everyone :wave:

I launched a community on Slack dedicated to partnership jobs :handshake:
I need automation: when a new member arrives on Slack, I want to send a template message with all information about the onboarding from my personal account

Is it possible ?

Thanks for your help :heart_hands:

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Hi, @Hippolyte_Thibierge , you can use the Watch Users action on the Slack module to get the users and then the Create a Message action to send them a message.

Important: Just keep in mind that in the first execution it will return the complete list of users that you have at that moment, then in the following executions it will only bring you the new ones.

The message can be text or an interactive message where you can add images, links, buttons, etc., for this you must use the block creator.

Block Kit Builder: Slack



Hello Francisco :wave:

Thanks for your help and your reactivity :pray:

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@Hippolyte_Thibierge, In case it is the ultimate answer to your question, could you please :white_check_mark: mark the reply as a solution?

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Done Francisco :sunglasses:

Thanks :pray: