Slack bot which answer on DM message

I’m trying to do Slack Bot which answering on some question in DM message.
But I can’t figure out how to configure the interaction between Slack Bot and the slack user in Make.
For example, a user writes hello to a bot in DM, the bot responds in DM back.
i.m add New event + add webhook on IM messages, but bot answering only for my account in slack
problem like in this topic - Issue Receiving/Replying to Slack IMs ( Custom Slackbot)

Hey @StanK ,
You can use watch message module to fetch the message generated by a slack bot, you will get the message id of specific message from which we can map it to our make scenario

Thank you for the answer!
When i’m add Whatch Direct Message, module ask me to add webhook, i’m use secret and id from Slack App, connect it and this is work, but work only for my account when i’m write to bot, for other users this is didn’t work.

@StanK try this, and let me know

  • you will need to change the workspace permissions if you want other users to get the bot answer, you can do that in slack.

  • Also if you’re using slack with make it will authenticate only for your usage not for other users.

  • You can choose specific module of slack that has public message permissions

See this :


Hi all! I just want to be super clear here (since I posted the referenced question but never got any activity on it)… is it possible for a integration to have a bot that replies to different user IMs? So…

User A sends the bot a message, Make processes the scenario and replies back to User A.

User B sends the bot a message, Make processes the scenario and replies back to User B.

User A and User B do not see each others’ threads.

Is that simple setup possible or does this have to go through a channel where replies are visible to all users?


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I have same question like a @Jesse_Bushkar
Watch Public Channel is not instant and i’m needed a DM bot.
When users write to bot in DM and recive an answer.
All setups which i’, trying didn’t work.
Onle if i’m use Instan Module “New event” for Slack, but it work only for my user in Slack

Hey @Jesse_Bushkar no I don’t think so you can make this privacy,
but you can create multiple channels or create a custom chat bot that should be enabled with authentication to get seperate data.

So what I’m gathering here is that it’s an authentication limitation… because I’m the one authenticating, can only interact based on my DMs since other users haven’t authenticated.

This feels kind of duct-taped together but maybe it’s on the Slack side… I’m the workspace admin/owner and I SHOULD be able to authenticate workspace-wide. Just seems like a pretty steep limitation given what, at first glance, looks like a really robust integration.

Off to somewhere else or some other tool to find my solution.