Need Help with Automating Shopify to Google Contacts Integration

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up an automation in Make (formerly Integromat) to sync new customer contacts from Shopify to Google Contacts, but I’m having some trouble getting it to work. I would appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide.

Objective: To automatically add new customer contacts from Shopify to Google Contacts, ensuring all customer information is synced and accessible for communication via WhatsApp or other platforms linked to Google Contacts.

Setup Details:

  1. Trigger: New Customer in Shopify
  • Module: Shopify
  • Trigger Event: Watch Customers
  • Details: This trigger is set to monitor my Shopify store for new customers.
  1. Action: Create Contact in Google Contacts
  • Module: Google Contacts
  • Action Event: Create a Contact
  • Details: This action should take the customer details from Shopify and create a new contact in Google Contacts.

Steps I’ve Taken:

  1. Created a new scenario in Make.
  2. Added the Shopify module with the “Watch Customers” trigger.
  3. Connected my Shopify account successfully.
  4. Added the Google Contacts module with the “Create a Contact” action.
  5. Connected my Google account successfully.
  6. Mapped the fields as follows:
  • First Name: Shopify Customer First Name
  • Last Name: Shopify Customer Last Name
  • Phone Number: Shopify Customer Phone
  • Email: Shopify Customer Email


The operation failed with an error. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s)

Screenshots: (I have included screenshots of my scenario setup for reference.)


  1. Are there any specific settings or configurations in Shopify or Google Contacts that I might be missing?
  2. Could there be an issue with the way I’ve mapped the fields?
  3. Is there a specific way to debug this issue to see why the contacts are not being created in Google Contacts?

Thank you in advance for your help!
J x

Hi Julie,

can you check the bundle coming from the Shopify module and verify that it has both the email and the phone number?


Where/how do I check that? Thanks so much - this is my first automation and I have been struggling with it.


@Julie_Sweet we can build the automation and resolve the your issue of automating shopify to google contact,

Im interested - kindly let me know more details please

Hello @Julie_Sweet

Just a quick update: Since you decided to hire a professional to implement this, we’ve moved your post to the Professional Services category dedicated to these types of discussions.

@sachinkarma19 can i dm you for some help w/ my workflows involving shopify? i connected my store via webhook but it won’t pull any info when i run the automation. have a couple of workflows i’m looking to migrate over from zapier to make.

Workflow 1. Shopify new paid order → Check for specific tags (pre-order) → send select customer properties (first name, product name, email) to

@kmfankur Did you setup a webhook or a “Search for orders” module?
When using a webhook it only gets triggered the moment an order comes in. If you would like to search for older orders you need to use the “Search order” module.