Creating IF/THEN With Shopify Integration

Hi There

We’re a football team which runs matches in our local community almost every night of the week. We sell these matches as variants in shopify i.e. Monday night football (SKU1), Tuesday night football (SKU2) etc.

I’ve only been using Make for a couple of days but have finally managed to connect Shopify to Google Sheets which is now presenting as Rows A - F - Date of order, First name, last name, SKU, Price and Email for anyone that ‘buys’ a spot with us to play on a certain game day.

Now, because legally all of our players need to registered with us (£10 per year), we need to make sure if anyone purchases a match spot, is registered with us. The ‘registration product’ has it’s own SKU on it’s own page.

My goal is this… Is there a way that when someone who purchases comes through to the Google sheet, is there a way to cross reference our shopify database to see if that specific person has purchased the registration product in the past? If not, I’d like the data in the next cell to say “YES” with a green background (if they are registered), or a red “NO” if they aren’t registered… It would also be cool to put them into an email sequence (to sell them the registration) if they are a no.

I realise this may be complex AF, but I’m a newb with Make and I’m hoping to really get my teeth into these workflows…

I’ve uploaded an image of my current workflow and how I ultimately want it to look in GSheets

Thanks in advance :muscle:t3:

Well sure why not? You’ll need to use the Search Orders module with the Customer ID you just got from Watch Orders and then most likely filter the results for the particular stock number for the registration product. Then if that is found you can set route to the Google Sheet to update the column for the row in question. Or if you are just adding a row you can create a condition using the if() function to check whether your Search Orders filter resulted in any data and then set the Sheets column to YES and otherwise to NO.

I know I make it sound super simple, but you’ll need to experiment with adding a few more modules and maybe a filter as well as an iterator after the search products to check whether the product has been bought.