Shopify scenario & Google sheets

Hello everyone,

I’m managing a subscription business and have set up a scenario in Integromat that starts with a Google Sheets module to search for rows. This scenario checks if a renewal email has been sent to the customer. If it’s marked as ‘Yes,’ the next module searches for the customer using the email address from the previous Google Sheets data. Then, I use a module to search for orders mapped with customer IDs from my Shopify store.

My question is: How can I determine if the customer has confirmed their order after receiving the renewal email? If they have confirmed it after receiving the renewal email, I want to update a Google Sheets column to mark them as renewed. If not, I’d like to send them another reminder email.

Could someone please advise on the function or parameter to identify if the customer renewed after receiving the renewal email?

Note: I have the creation order and expiration date of the customer in my Google Sheets data, and I base the sending of the renewal email on the expiration date.

Thank you for your assistance!

Apply check of for the details in google sheets Search module as follows :

Now, you can apply a filter after this to check for the exact variant coming from Shopify orders and the previous orders maintained in the sheets.

So overall, just compare the customer and product details coming from shopify with the previous orders in the sheets to identify weather the order is a renewal order.


Thank you so much for help , could you please verify with me if this one that I have done is good, and I want to add a Router and check if the customer confirm after receiving the renewal email if yes update google sheets if not send another reminder


What you are doing is not enough.
You need to maintain all order details in Google sheets, so that later when the same customer places an order of same product; you can compare the details from sheets.

I hope you understand.


I want to let you know that I have a google sheets associated with all data of customer his order number his name his email and billing address and confirmation date of order and I’m based on Confirmation date of order to calculate the expiration date based on each subscription like 1 Month 3 month and 6 month, so I have run a secenario of sending renewal email to my customer based on all these date , the next step that I want to do is to check if the customer renew his order again or not . could you explain to me more please