Need Help with ERROR: "Scenario was rejected: Scenario is running"

I have a scenario that is giving an “run” error all day today. The scenario is not running and is displaying this message in the log “Scenario was rejected: Scenario is running.” Screenshot -

I have tried to manually run the scenario manually periodically for about the last 3 hours and it gives the same message each time.

Hi. Without know which modules are you using, nobody can help you. So give us more details about the scenario.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hmmm… No. This is BEFORE any modules. As you can see from the screenshot, Make says that the scenario is already running. This is NOT the case.

did you try refreshing the window? maybe logout / login


@travispflanz This means the scenario is actually running (usually) and you can not run it manually.
If you think this is not the case, it might be it’s stuck or something. Please create a support ticket so they can look ar the back to see if something is going on.

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