Need help with where to find JSON string from custom webhook

I have a custom webhook that is successfully receiving data from Outseta (customer logins) but I can only see the results in the history (It is populating an airtable but since I can’t map fields yet all I see is the timestamp I have thrown in). I cannot figure out how to map the output of the Custom Webhook. I have it going from webhook to JSON parser (I think I need that?). The webhook data structure is setup using a string from one of the historical runs where I downloaded the output. But how to I “map” the Json String from the Custom Webhook to the Json Parser so I can then map all the output fields into Airtable?

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Looks like I my have fixed it by going into Webhooks settings - advanced settings and including the “Headers” - Doing that revealed some fields to map to the Json String in the parser, then all the parser fields appeared in the airtable connection. So, I think that is all that is needed.

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I just wanted to say awesome work figuring this out on your own and thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community :pray: We greatly appreciate that.

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Hi @Justin_Jackson,

You can also enable JSON pass through in the Module settings, that will provide you with the unformatted JSON that you are getting.