Need some help with multi-language Wordpress posting

Hi there,

I am playing around with the following scenario:

The idea is that i watch for new published posts on the UK blog, look for links in that post, find the corresponding hreflangs for the IE site and repost the content but with the hreflang URLs for IE instead.

This works in the scenario above. In the example i watched 1 new post appear that had 3 URLs in it. These are parsed with a text parser. Output is in 3 bundles.

These 3 URLs are then fetched with the HTTP request to get the hreflang data. This results in 3 operations each getting the hreflang value for IE (and other languages) for the 3 UK URLs.

In the next parser i extract the IE specific hreflangs resulting in 3 operations with the correct IE hreflangs.

Next i am confused. I am using another text parser to replace the original UK URLs in the Wordpress blog text with the IE ones. This works but ultimately results in 3 posts on the IE Wordpress site.

I guess i need to put Iterators and/or Aggregators somewhere but would not know where to start. Any ideas?

HI all,

I am still struggling with this.

I now have the following scenario:

Step 1: get new post from wordpress
Step 2: get UK links in post content
Step 3: store UK links as key values in datastore
Step 4-5: retrieve the IE hreflang counterparts to the UK links
Step 6: store the IE counterparts in the datastore alongside their UK counterparts
Step 7: get all values from the datastore
Step 8: iterate through all values
Step 9: replace the UK links with the IE links in the wordpress content
Step 10: store the new content in the datastore

The problem is that for each operation it indeed replaces the UK link with the IE one, BUT ONLY for this iteration. The next iteration just replaces another UK url but forgets the first one.

How do i solve this?