Need to extract booking appointments for a specific Client in the GHL CRM

What are you trying to achieve?

We have set up a booking system in GHL ( Leadconnector) for a Pilates class. The weekly classes are booked for 6—or 7-week Blocks. We want to make it easy for a client to select a specific class and Cancel if they can not make it. We have automated it in GHL but it is by controlling the release of confirmation emails with a cancellation link 7 days prior to the next class and is triggered by a tag being added. it would be better and easier if the individual could request a list of remaining class bookings, select the one they want, and when they click cancel it automatically updates The GHL calendar. It can be done manually by going into GHL CRM , individuals record, select appointments and then edit the status to cancel. any ideas how I can achieve this

Steps taken so far

we have semi-automated, but needs an email sent with cancel link, and manually within the CRM record

It doesn’t look like the GHL integration allows you to send an email. However, when it says “create task” does that refer to an automation withing GHL? If so, you could create an automation in GHL that does the actual sending o ft he email and you can use Make to trigger that automation.

Another option is to get the information for the cancel link with the GHL integration and use another module (e.g., Gmail) to send the email to the recipient.

There are probably many other ways. Sharing your scenario (at least the image) could help give a better answer.