New Airtable API Credential Types Announced - Migration Plans?

Airtable just announced that they’re switching their credential types for API access – with plans to deprecate the old credentials in about 1 year from now:

Can someone from the team comment as to when their Airtable modules will support these new credential types? And what the migration strategy might be to switch from the old credential type to the new credential types?


I tried plugging in a PAN token into the Airtable module, but it’s yielding a 403 error:


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@dkindlund picked it up and we will update you here.

As Airtable is one of our most used Apps, I am quite sure we will be ahead of time and make sure the transition is smooth.

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Our team is working on implementing a fix once the new API is released an official update will follow via the change logs. Please keep in mind Airtable is one of our top 10 apps. We got this covered!


Hey Sebastian - Can I want confirm the changelog you’re referring to is the one at the bottom of this page? No updates yet, looks like.