No more Feature request?

the is no more feature request in make?

I want to see the status of some of my previous request on integromat, like the “execution counter” when you filter by day… how is that not a thing still here in make? I just want a simple way to know how many executions are processed each day, not how many operations do I use, just how many Executions. I do not think that is a something impossible to put in the history.


Hello there @Ivan_Ayala welcome to the community :wave:

We are currently working on implementing a solution into this community platform so that we can give all of you guys the chance to log your feature requests. Once the system is all ready and set up, I’ll make sure to bring the community’s attention to it :slight_smile:

Before that’s fully implemented, I wanna say that what you’re bringing up has been noted, and I want to thank you for your feedback :pray:

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Hello there @Ivan_Ayala

I just wanted to let you know that there’s now a brand new Idea exchange platform for all things Make-related. You can use it to share your feedback & suggestions with us and to monitor the status of your ideas.

We made a post about this in the community so you can check that out for more information :nerd_face:

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