Can we get better handling of auto-logout?

I think it would be helpful to get a better way to handle the auto-logout.

Maybe something like an autosave to temp, count-down counter to when you will be logged out?

Hey Jim, thanks for the suggestion! I just wanted to say that we’re now working on embedding an ideas & suggestions space into the community. In a bit, you’ll be able to log these in an easier manner. I’ll make sure to update everyone once this has been implemented :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Eventually, we’ve decided to host the ideas & suggestions space outside the community forum. You can find it here and share all your feedback with the team :blush:

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@JimTheMondayMan Same problems on my side and already reported to the Make support. If you want to, you can post it here:


I do feel like I’m getting auto-logged out way faster on make
than integromat, :thinking: its caused an issue more than once for me.

Timer + Organization/team role configurable would be my ideal.

Ill probably get used to it by end of year, and work around it, and it wont matter anymore once i dont notice