No notification showing in Google Calendar - Webhook > Google Calendar

Hello Make community,

I have a problem where I’m not receiving any Google Calendar notifications when a user books a time slot on the front end booking forms.

I have two forms on my site that incorporate JetFormBuilder:

The goal is for admin to receive a Google Calendar notification when a user books a slot.

I have set the WebHook which I created in my Make account, in the forms, under Post Submit Actions:

In my Scenario, I have integrated the Google Calendar connection alongside the WebHook. Once the forms have been submitted, I’m not seeing any confirmation on the Google Calendar.

The most recent error was:

  • Function 'if' finished with error! Function 'dateParameter' finished with error! Invalid time value

Hope you can help,

Hi @Gareth_Wynn

it seems like Google Calendar finds that one of your date values is incorrect; for instance start date or end date. Can you show which values the google calendar module is outputting exactly?
I guess the problem is in the result of the date being parsed. In the date time parsing documentation I don’t see any reference to X + being a valid format. X is a valid date parsing format for Make, but finally everything depends on what format the Google Calendar expects.

Can you also show what values module 1 is outputting. I would like to see how the dates outputted by that value look like (is it a string or already a date for instance)

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Hi Loopz,

Thanks for your reply. I used ‘x’ in the ‘start’ & ‘end’ field, as this I was following a tutorial on the integration, and this did work previously:

I can’t find any documentation as to what Google Calendar excepts as Date/Time.

Where would I find the values that Module 1 is outputting?

Cheers, Gareth


Happy to pay for your time if I can find a solution.


Hi @Gareth_Wynn :wave:

Just wanted to jump in share with you the link to our Solution Exchange category where you can find the right people to build your scenarios :seedling:.

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Thanks for the heads-up Vendy