Not filtering text

Maybe I don’t understand how filters work?

Text strings that do and don’t start with “SMS” are passed along as output?

Same is true with different operators, e.g. Contains.

Hi @Ivan_Denker,

I don’t know about “start with” but for “does not contain” you have two version, case sensitive and case insensitive. That could be your problem here.

If not please show the result from your filter inspector so we can help you troubleshoot

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Thanks @loic.wiseflow, I double-checked and Contains works fine, which luckily will work ok.

But for what it’s worth, I still can’t get Starts with or Does not start with to work right.

Screenshots show a Starts with rejecting a message that doesn’t and then does start with my chosen string:

Hard to tell what is going on without looking at it in more details. It could be that you have a non-printable character at the beginning of your string for some reason.

Maybe try to filter with “Body” instead of “Text Body” and see if START WITH “

SMS:” works

“Body” contains markup (

), which I don’t want to send the in the SMS. So I’ll stick with “Contains”, I guess.