Notification via telegram 30 minute before scheduled event in Goggle calendar

Hi, I want to create workflow: user get notification in telegram 30 min before scheduled even in goggle calendar? Is it possible to postpone sending notification? I connect Goggle calendar and telegram but was wondering if I can use dynamic data from calendar (date/time) and use formula somehow to get notification 30 min before event (get notification at certain time: event date/time-30 minutes). Thank you in advance!

Howdy @Nikita_Zviagin Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

How I would likely go about this:

Set google to send an email notification 30 minutes before the meeting.


:two: :a:
and then either I would use the Gmail watch emails" module, to trigger the Telegram Bot.

:warning: This option has the disadvantage of needing to “check emails every x minutes”


:two: :b:
I would auto-forward all google calendar notification emails to a make Mailhook. to trigger the above automation on telegram.

:loudspeaker: This Option triggers instantly on email forward, no extra “watch for emails” scheduling required.

hope this helps!