Notify that a file has been deleted from Google Drive

I am new to this tool, and we want to start using it in the company.
One scenario we need is to detect in a Google Drive folder a user adds, deletes or modifies something.

With the “Watch files in folder” option, I see the possibilities to choose by Modification or Creation, but I do not see the option to view by “Deletion”. How could I do it? Maybe with the Modified option and filtering the result in some way…for example “trashed=true” or something like that?

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You’ll have to get files and filter by the labels.trashed attribute.

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Thank you very much!
I have use the “Watch for Files/Folders” with Custom query: trashed = true, and it works perfect!

One last piece of advice… Can I do in a single scenario to monitor whether a file is deleted, added or modified? I think I have to do three different scenarios, which is not the most optimal.

Thanks again!
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