Notion: Copy fields from one node to another

I’m currently building an automation that creates, updates, or deletes database items in Notion when created, updated, or deleted in a different database.

The database items I’m working with have many fields (properties in Notion) - I’ve manually defined each field in one of my nodes (Create a Database Item), but I’m wondering if there is an easy way that I can use the same fields in my Update a Database Item node and Delete a Page Content nodes as well?

Here is an example of the Fields I have manually defined in my Create a Database Item node.


I’d like to essentially “copy and paste” those fields to other nodes, so that I don’t have to manually define them for each node.

I could probably do this by editing the code directly, however I’m not super comfortable doing that, so I was hoping there was a way within the scenario builder.

Hi @Michaela_Victoria, when you use the “Create database item” or “Update database item” modules in Make, you should be able to see all the database properties once you add your database ID (make sure your database is accessible by your Bot). So, you wouldn’t need to create those properties manually as you did in your screenshot.

Here I show what I mean: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


I should have clarified - the scenario I’m building is dynamic and so the database where the item is created will change based on previous steps - I’m using the manually input database ID option

Ah, I see, in that case, I am not aware of any way to “copy and paste” those fields to another module, unfortunately. I may be ignorant about this specific use case though - so let’s see if anyone else from the community knows better.