Notion Mentions to Slack messages

hi there.
I am currently trying to use notion and slack but filtering to show only certain updates.
I have successfully managed to do this for updates to databases in Notion - only message slack when status changes > in progress, Blocked, Done etc.
The next challenge I have is how to show only comments/mentions to specific slack users.
We currently have this with trello & butler integration but I am trying to move over to Notion lock stick and this is a big blocker. Can anyone help?!

Unfortunately, This is not available on any integration service: a limitation from notions side.

It is on their roadmap to support it for 3rd party applications pretty far down the road.

A Much More technical and not really recomended solution (click to reveal)

The only solution I can think of today is writing a webscraper that does the same thing, but that uses a lot more resources(costs more to run) and is subject to breaking every time notion updates their page structure.

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Ok thanks for letting me know.