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Hi, I have uploaded a 2 tables Logins and Folders into Notion via CSV and I am trying to link them with (as Notion does not offer the possibility to link imported tables).

Here is the ‘Logins’ table, ‘column1.folderid’ column contains the id of the ‘Folders’ table

I have created this Make scenario to copy the ‘column1.folderid’ value to ‘Folder’ column in order to link the 2 tables, but I cannot as the ‘Folder’ column field is missing:

How to then link the 2 tables using ? Thanks for any help

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Here is a summary of what I need and the solution :

I have created this scenario now which almost works:

I just need help on what to enter inside FolderIdLookup (highlighted in light blue below)?

can you show what was returned by module 3?

Here is what is returned by module 3:

had a look at the api docs for notion.

You should be able to update the property by adding in a parameter referencing the field by name.

If the current module doesn’t allow it, you could use the generic API or even HTTP to send that part.


I do not get what means: “The keys are the names or IDs of the property and the values are property values.”
In my 4th module, I want my FolderIdLookup which is the relation field to correspond to the FolderIdStr field which is just a string field coming from my CSV import:

I have specified ‘plaintext’.
I do not get why does not accept this. This is the only way to recreate the database between 2 tables.

I have specified ‘plaintext’.
I do not get why does not accept this. This is the only way to recreate the database between 2 tables.

I hear you, I often feel this way with new tech. I find am quite prone to assuming that there is a gap in the platform rather than in my knowledge.

Anyways, I believe I can see the error.

You would find this by going to edit module 4, then using the value for 3. parent > id

You should not need to convert anything to plaintext and the value currently in module 4 does not appear correct to me.


(Notion must have updated those since I last thoroughly went through them!)
Gonna update my notes, (I know I’m not the op) but thanks for looking into this! :smiley:

Very useful information

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Right, I have added Page ID and it works now :slight_smile:

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