Notion Search Module Email Filter Behaving Oddly

Works fine here:

But when I cloned the scenario & replaced the trigger with Wix Bookings webhook instead of Calendly, I get this error:

Same email value being passed in both cases. What am I missing? Modules seem to be set up much the same way. Any thoughts much appreciated!

What is the email data passed to the filter in screenshot 2 (when you hover the red data)?


Based on the error message, there is no email being passed from the Webhook.

Please provide the output bundles of the Webhook module by running the scenario, then click the white speech bubble on the top-right of each module, save the bundle contents in your text editor as a bundle.txt file, and upload it here into this discussion thread.

Providing the output bundles will allow others to replicate what is going on in the scenario even if they do not use the external service.

This will allow others to better assist you. Thanks!


Hi @Robert_McKay

Please review the information in the Notion. The error, it means the value mapped to it might not be an email address. This could be because there’s no value in the mapped data or the value itself is not an email address. To check this, hover over the mapped value in the historical data.

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So I think the issue may have been the same one that another user flagged in another forum thread here, namely that the email key string had a zero in square brackets at the end of it and Make somehow didn’t like that. Odd behavior of an email in a webhook payload - #2 by samliew


Heya @Robert_McKay :wave:

It’s great to see that you managed to put your finger on this with the advice shared in the community! :clap:

Thanks a lot for not only identifying the potential root cause but also for pointing others who might face the same challenge in the right direction. :pray:

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Ach, on second examination that does not seem to be the solution! I’ve cleaned up the email field name and still getting the same error. I’m not sure what they body.filter.or[0].email.equals etc. notation means.

Here are the various outputs as @samliew suggested:

Full scenario:

blueprint of current version of Wix Bookings webhook to Notion CRM scenario.json (358.4 KB)

Webhook payload (JSON passthru enabled):

[ { "value": "{\"data\":{\"amount_due\":\"0.0\",\"staff_member_name\":\"Robert McKay\",\"start_date\":\"{\\\"timeZone\\\":\\\"America/Los_Angeles\\\",\\\"timestamp\\\":\\\"2023-12-21T02:25:00Z\\\"}\",\"contact.Name.Last\":\"McTest\",\"orderId\":\"39a391f3-adb2-4603-801f-484a9967ca0e\",\"contact.Address[0].City\":\"\",\"service_url\":\"\",\"service_name\":\"Coffee Chat\",\"contact.Email[0]\":\"\",\"contact.Address[1].Street\":\"\",\"60d33f60-c797-4be9-8dbf-2eca65483efd\":\"\",\"contact.Address[1].Zip\":\"05491\",\"staff_member_email\":\"\",\"end_date\":\"{\\\"timeZone\\\":\\\"America/Los_Angeles\\\",\\\"timestamp\\\":\\\"2023-12-21T02:40:00Z\\\"}\",\"currency\":\"USD\",\"contact.Name.First\":\"Testy\",\"contact.Address[0].Street\":\"\",\"service_id\":\"27c712bf-0241-4d5a-ae03-e2a9f3f8ec65\",\"online_conference_url\":\"\",\"contact.Address[1].Country\":\"US\",\"contact.Phone[0]\":\"18027934459\",\"contact.Address[0].Zip\":\"\",\"online_conference_password\":\"\",\"contact.Id\":\"6bf338bd-7120-471b-a868-59565e21d330\",\"contact.Address[1].City\":\"\",\"metaSiteId\":\"32b7b09c-c620-4105-a72b-811a75adf055\"}}" } ]

JSON module output (restructured after text parser cleans email field key of “[0]” portion):

[ { "data": { "amount_due": "0.0", "staff_member_name": "Robert McKay", "start_date": "{\"timeZone\":\"America/Los_Angeles\",\"timestamp\":\"2023-12-21T02:25:00Z\"}", "contact.Name.Last": "McTest", "orderId": "39a391f3-adb2-4603-801f-484a9967ca0e", "contact.Address[0].City": "", "service_url": "", "service_name": "Coffee Chat", "contact.Email": "", "contact.Address[1].Street": "", "60d33f60-c797-4be9-8dbf-2eca65483efd": "", "contact.Address[1].Zip": "05491", "staff_member_email": "", "end_date": "{\"timeZone\":\"America/Los_Angeles\",\"timestamp\":\"2023-12-21T02:40:00Z\"}", "currency": "USD", "contact.Name.First": "Testy", "contact.Address[0].Street": "", "service_id": "27c712bf-0241-4d5a-ae03-e2a9f3f8ec65", "online_conference_url": "", "contact.Address[1].Country": "US", "contact.Phone[0]": "18027934459", "contact.Address[0].Zip": "", "online_conference_password": "", "contact.Id": "6bf338bd-7120-471b-a868-59565e21d330", "contact.Address[1].City": "", "metaSiteId": "32b7b09c-c620-4105-a72b-811a75adf055" } } ]
As you can see, other fields also have these weird square brackets on them, so those could be cleaned too if necessary.
Since I’m only processing the email field though in the subsequent Notion module, it doesn’t seem that the “[0]” is in fact the problem.

Other thoughts welcome! I seem to be well out of my depth here.

Well it is part of the solution.

Another issue is that key names usually do not contain periods “.” in them, so you’ll need to manually type this out with “`” so that the key name is treated as a string.


Currently you are picking the variable from the variables panel, which gives you


The variable contact is not a collection with a sub-property Email.

The variable itself is named `contact.Email`

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Not part of the solution, so I’m posting this separately,

If you wanted to remove all the array brackets from your JSON string,



Oh that makes sense. It’s reading it as dot notation. Okay so I think at this point the easiest way to do this is to determine my own data structure on the source end instead of screwing around with regex to fix all of that stuff. Figuring out how to tell it which thoughts to remove and which ones to leave would be a pain although AI could figure it out. Thank you for bringing your experience to bear on this and saving me a ton of time!