Notion search objects filter formula string error

Hey, this is my scenario.

How it works is:

  • Watches updates in Contacts db
  • Looks for contacts with no linked company (filtering where company relation field = null)
  • Searches for the company info in the companies db based on either:
    • Company linkedin URL (present in both tables)
    • Company name (present in the contact table and is the Title field of the company db)
  • Because of how the tables are set-up, if it doesn’t find the company on the first criteria it’s because the contact does not have the company linkedin URL
  • When this happens, it gives an error which is handled to create a new db item based on only the company name (and not other fields as it is with the linkedin URL)

Everything I described works.
What doesn’t work is that after the error is handled and it creates the company based on the name, when it runs again (to link the company to the contact) I can’t seem to filter by either linkedin url OR Title and thus it creates the runtime error again and duplicates the companies.

This is how the filter is created:


I’ve tried different “filters”: Formula String, just Text, …

Any suggestions?


Hello, what is the error message you get? Is it a runtime error, or a data type error on the filter? It can be helpful if you can share a screenshot


Sorry, completely forgot to post the error… :man_facepalming:


Thank you - it looks like your filter on “Nombre” is in the wrong data type. It should be “Text - contains” instead of “Formula: String - Contains”.
I know you mentioned in the post that you already tried different data types, and I am not sure if you tried this. Let us know how it goes


Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried it and just tried it again… It keeps duplicating.
Any workaround? Is there a way to restart the scenario when it reaches some point? Maybe that will store the information… I don’t know, just random thoughts.

Would you be able and willing to share a duplicable version of the Notion databases you are using? This way, I can duplicate them in my workspace and test the Make scenario using the same modules as yours.
If that’s not possible, no problem, and hopefully you (or someone else from the community) can find a solution


Hey sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been traveling a lot lately.
Here are the public links to the two databases that are linked.

Sales CRM - is the one with the contacts
Empresas - is the one with the companies

Let me know if you need more info.
Thanks for the help!

Thank you, I tested it out and when I changed the filter in the “Search Objects” module that throws the error, my tests were successful with any scenario. Here is how the filter looks

It seems that the first condition of the filter must have a value, or else it outputs an error, that’s why I wrote “empty” in the ifEmpty() function.

Let us know how it goes

Thanks a lot for the help! I will try it out and I’ll let you know if it also works on my end!