Notion Search Object filter getting an operation failed error

I am trying to search database items with a filter applied to remove any pages updated by

To. do this I added 2 new columns in my Notion Database Last edited by and a formula which returns a true if the last edited by is a user.

However, when I run the scenario I get the following error: Unable to filter based on a formula of unknown type.

Here is my setup:

What am I doing wrong?

In the Notion formula, try to replace “” with false. This way, the formula may become a boolean value, and the filter in the Make module should work properly


Thanks Simo.

I believe the suggestion has removed the error message but is not providing the intended results.

My goal for this filter is to pick up on all pages created by Make but but has been edited by a user. Then take all the changes made by user and pass that back to the matching page in another Notion Database.

Hence, I have updated the filter from the last screenshot with an additional condition in the filter.

Here is what it looks like in Notion. I have changed the formula in Notion like you suggested.

As you can see above I have one page which is created by Make and edited by me. Therefore, the filter should pick up on this page. However, it OUTPUTs zero bundles.

Alright, I see that the “Created is user” formula in Notion outputs an empty value instead of false. In Make, what if you try to use the following filter in the first condition in the screenshot? Does this work?

“Created is user (formula)” ||| “Formula: Checkbox - Does not equal” ||| {{true}}


Yes, I realised that the formula returns no value at all. I wonder if this is due to the new and update formulas in Notion.

Here you can see it still outputs 0 bundles.

Yeah it might be - try to use this formula in Notion in your “Created is user” - it seems to output a boolean value all the time. Then use the formula boolean operator in the Make module like you did above


Its did not work. Seems like anything that is an app results in a null. So tried to use the null keyword in Make. That also did not work.

However, I have found a work around. Since I actually send the corresponding page ID back to the database I have decided to use that as the filter condition.


This worked and I was able to get the right bundle through.

Thanks for your help Simo

Hello there @Rajiv_Rai_Singh :wave:

I just wanted to quickly jump in here to say awesome work figuring out this workaround with the assistance of @Simo :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for remembering to step back into this thread and sharing what eventually did the trick for you. This could prove incredibly helpful to many folks searching for similar info in the future :pray:

Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping the community in mind :star2:

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