Notion search objects filter (checkboxes)

Hi all,

I have been wondering what text should be entered in the filter as shown above if I would like it to retrieve those Notion database items that are checked. I have tried the word “True” like how you would in a Google sheets but that did not work. Anyone knows what might be the keyword here?

I have also tried with Checkbox:Equals and it does not work either.
The error returned was: The operation failed with an error. [400] body failed validation. Fix one: body.filter.or[0].checkbox.equals should be a boolean, instead was "TRUE". body.filter.or[0].checkbox.does_not_equal should be defined, instead was undefined.

Is there a documentation that I can read up more on Notion filters?

Thank you!

Hi, the filter to use is “Checkbox: Equals” : {{true}} (i.e., the helper function available in the Make functions panel, within the section with the :gear:gear icon).

That’s because a checkbox in Notion is a specific data type (not simple text, but a boolean data type). So, in the Make filter, we get to specify the data type (i.e., “Checkbox: Equals”), as well as use a boolean variable (true/false) to ensure the value data type corresponds with the key data type


Here’s a few screenshots showing what @Simo meant:




For checked checkbox you have to use their Checkbox equals to True condition .This will definitely work their this is a condition you have to apply their.

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