Notion: Unable to create or update page content

I’m unable to get the integration working, I need to be able to create a page with content, or update an existing page content, but whatever I try I get the same error

 - Cannot create property 'type' on string 'rpc://notion/1.8.2/childrenParameter' looks great, but If I can’t do this I’ll need to look elsewhere. Hopefully I’m making a simple mistake.

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Hi @rmbles thanks for the question and for bringing our attention to this matter!

Unfortunately, there are currently some issues with a couple of Notion modules on Make. Our developers are working on fixing these at the moment and I’m sure all will be smoothed out soon. I will monitor this issue and I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as this is resolved.


I’ve managed to do this via the “Make an API Call” option, which is great, but it would be easier to use the tooling. It looks like the Notion API exited BETA yesterday,