Onboarding - Invitation Problem

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create an automated onboarding sequence for new clients, which should look like the following :

  • I manually add the clients information to a google form. I add every email address in seperate fields, in the case that the client has two or more people working on the project
  • the information will be send into a google sheet (company name, client first name, email address 1, email address 2,…)
  • from there I want Make to take the information and create a slack channel with the company name
  • then I want Make to invite the provided email addresses to the slack channel
  • then I want to create a shared google drive folder, and invite the provided email addresses to the folder
  • then finally I want Make to send an automated email from Gmail to the provided email addresses, telling my client the next steps

I’ve got the Array Aggregator module working now but I can’t seem to invite more than 1 email address as an array, as soon as I add a second array field, so a second email address, I receive errors. Both for the Google Drive invitation and Slack invitation…

What am I missing ?

Have a great day,

The format of using two arrays isn;t correct.

The current setup that you have is saying " email1@gmail.com email2@gmail.com" which is not being recognized as a correct email due to which the errors.
I am also not sure why you are using 2 arrays. I think it would be great if you could also share the output from the Google forms and Aggregator

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Hey there Rezwan, thanks for getting back to me !

Sorry first time setting an automation up outside of Zapier…

Please find below the two requested files