Onenote to notion automation, please help!

hey! i’m very new to this and am so so lost. basically i write a lot of my notes for uni on my onenote but also use notion. i was wondering if it was possible to link the two using the integromat.

essentially, the scenario goes:

new note is made in onenote → new note of same title is create in notion → i add content to note (typing as well as handwritten notes) → notion page updates as i add in new information to the onenote

i hope it makes sense! i’m finding it difficult as i notice there is no option to map the text or content directly from the onenote trigger to the notion action , as there is no direct “text” field available in the notion action.

any help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s how you can set it up step by step:

Set up a trigger in Integromat using the “Microsoft OneNote - When a new page is created or modified” module. This will detect new notes or modifications in your OneNote.
After the OneNote trigger, use the “Notion - Create a page” module to create a new page in Notion. Map the appropriate fields such as “Parent Page,” “Title,” and other relevant fields.
Since there is no direct “text” field in the Notion action, you can format the content of your OneNote note as HTML or Markdown and map it to a rich text field in Notion.
In the Notion action, map your formatted content to the “Rich Text” field available in Notion. Use the “HTML to Rich Text” or “Markdown to Rich Text” module provided by Integromat if needed.
As you continue to add content to the original OneNote note, Integromat will detect the changes through the trigger and update the corresponding Notion page. Make sure to update the “Rich Text” field accordingly.

By formatting your OneNote content as HTML or Markdown and mapping it to a rich text field in Notion, you’ll be able to achieve synchronization between the two platforms while maintaining the content’s structure.
Best Regards