Updating a organisation note in Pipedrive

Hello guys,

I am quite new to Make, awesome tool. Im trying to personalize Pipedrive CRM a little bit. Right now, a created a scenario which creates a note of products in organisation window, works great.

Is there a way I can only update the note with more products, when more deals are won? So i have a one huge note with all sold products when looking at organisation.

Thans for any advice


Hello @Oldrich_Sedlacek nice to meet you.

Have you tried to use Update a Note module? From what I understand, you only want to update your already created note, so you have to replace Create a Note module with Update a Note module in this particularly case and add your note ID.

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Hello @Wemakefuture , thanks for replying.

Update a note works well, my current sceme here:

Only problem I’m facing is that all of organisation notes are updated now. How do I target a specific note? The Note ID doesn’t seem to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

Hello again.

To be more clear for me, you don’t want to create notes, you have one note, and you want to update that note with several data right? I ask because I see that you have a Create a Note module in the scenario.

If you want to update only a specific note, you can take that note ID (go to Pipedrive open the note, and usually you can find the ID in the URL, or from the output of the Pipedrive module) and write it in the Note ID field, and only that note will be updated in the future.

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