Only pull latest email (not entire chain)

I’m using a webhook to log emails that land in a certain ‘label’ in GMail and spits it out into a Google sheet.

The only problem is that each row contains the entire email chain. This is a problem as I want to use machine learning / AI to categorise the content, and if it has the entire chain it it may get confused.

I tried the following and it sometimes works, but depending on the sender the formatting is always different; hoping someone knows of a cleaner solution.

{{get(split([emailbody]; ); 1)}}

Hi. You must give us more details about the flow. You must be sure if you are storing the email message correctly in the spreadsheet. You can try use GPT to organize every email before do the the categorization too.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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