Watch Emails - Get only last email in the chain (not the quoted text)?

When using the Watch Emails module, how can I parse only the latest email in the chain rather than all of the quoted text as well?

I have an automation that stores emails in an ongoing thread in Notion, but in order for it to not be a big mess, I would ideally harvest only the latest reply, not the entire chain.

Can you provide the output bundle for an example email that you are receiving from the Watch Emails module?


Hi king :slight_smile:

This is not a trivial issue. Mostly because there is not one unique separator that is used everywhere to distinguish between the replay and the previous conversations. Same goes for email signatures:

I would recommend searching for “Email Parser” and familiarise yourself with the subject a bit. Maybe its worth it for you to pay for a service like SigParser, maybe you have an idea of how to implement a separator in your emails itself that you can then use in your scenario to strip the unwanted parts.

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