Creating and processing chatgpt output


I hope you’re well

I am in the process of creating an automation that would allow me to better process some of my emails.

To do this, I’d like ChatGPT to read the mails I receive and “sort” them into two categories. One category would deal with the follow-up of my Shopify orders, and the other with requests for information about my services.

I’ve figured out how to get ChatGPT to read an e-mail, but I can’t find a way to redirect it to one of my categories.

Could you shed some light on this kind of practice?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Gauthier_Koller

Have you tried after the ChatGPT module to use a router where you can set filters based on what do you want to do in the next step?
In the email you need to find a unique identifier for the end purpose and based on this set the filter on the route.

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Hi @Gauthier_Koller

I guess some demands are coming directly from shopify (follow-up) and some form your service landing page ? Could you separated them this way ?

If both are coming from the same place you could separate by going through a tally or forms with a special field (subject of your contact forms : order follow-up or questions about my services) ?

If all are coming from the same email… chatgpt and a router with the output of chatgpt…

Hope it helps…

Cheers Philippe