OpenAI error: Validation failed for 1 parameter - Missing value of required parameter is 'prompt'

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having issues with this error message. I have looked but no answer. I am trying to create an image and i keep getting the same error. Need to understand what i am missing.

Hi @Corey_White,

Can you share the screenshot of how your OpenAI module looks like? From the screenshot, seems like your prompt message is empty or null.


you will not get any value for Prompt field of open ai and you receive error you can check its previous module variable have propagate empty string or some info value
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can you explain with a picture please. still learning this setup.

@Corey_White Check the output of the Google Sheet module. Most likely (like said above) the output of Google Sheets is empty, so the value variable you placed in GPT is empty

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Thank you, I see where it was setup wrong now. Thank you