OpenAI - Upload an empty file?

I`ve a problem:

Goal: get an e-mail from the inbox, send this e-mail including all attachments to the OpenAI API assistant, it will process the response and it will be sent back to the sender’s e-mail.
Error: the script runs without problems, but the attachment is uploaded as a completely empty file.
My solution:

Please advise where the problem is. The whole scenario goes well, the OpenAI assistant receives the message and processes it correctly, but the file it receives is completely empty, so assistant cannot work with it.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I’ve tried just about everything and nothing helps.
Assistant currently runs on GPT4-turbo, as GPT 4-o Make does not support it yet.

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I think you are missing an Iterate Attachments module.

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thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately it didn’t help and the same problem persists - an empty file is uploaded.

I am also attaching a screen of the input and output of the OpenAI modules.

Thanks for any advice.