Operations quota


I have a question regarding operations quota.

Assuming that I have one running scenario: Facebook Page Lead Ads to Email Notification.
I expect to have like 30 LEAD FORMS processed during month.

I selected to run scenario each 60 min from Mon-Fri between 9:00-17:00. It means during the week it will use 8 operations per day * 5 days a week = 40 operations per week >>> appox. 160 operations per month.

If I will select to run scenario “Immediately” will it consume then only 30 operations during a month with exactly the same ammount of real LEAD FORMS processed by final Facebook user?

Which option is better to “save” opertions quota?


Hey Michal!

Yes, you’re absolutely right! Instant triggers can be set to run immediately and will only run when data is sent to them, so it would consume fewer operations and actually process data right away instead of running on a schedule.

Not all triggers are instant though, and in those cases you need to be careful with your scheduling to avoid over-consumption of operations.

You can learn more about instant and polling triggers here and in our Academy.

Please also note that instant triggers are different from on-demand scheduling.

Happy automating!

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