Best tips for monitoring operation counts during a billing cycle?

Just discovered that some of my scenarios have been deactivated as I have run too many operations.

From viewing the operations chart, surprised that I had reached the limit.

What’s an effective way of monitoring where one is with overall operations during a billing cycle?

Is the best way to query via the API?

Thank you.


This is a great point. There don’t seem to be any active monitoring available. The best you can do right now is to set up a warning when your scenario gets deactivated. However, that’s a bit too late. It would be awesome if one could create thresholds and attach warning to them. Such as “Notify me when I reach 80% of my monthly quota”.

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Hi zezutom, you should actually get an email notification within 15 minutes of hitting 75% of your operations limit and then again at 90% of hitting your operations limit across all of your organization.

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Thanks @Darin_Patterson , that’s exactly what I was looking for. Do you know if it is documented? I was digging in the docs, but couldn’t find it. Thank you.

Sure thing. It’s listed under “Frequently Asked Questions” called “What happens if I run out of operations” on the pricing page here.


This is a really good topic to bring up. I switched over to an annual bundle of operations. But recently I’ve been doing a lot of testing and automating of new processes and I’m already getting close to that 75% number. I’ll very likely need to upgrade and I don’t mind at all but… it would be great if I could have a way to forecast the amount of operations needed based on a snapshot of history. I think Make could definitely create a more helpful dashboard that would take the last 90, 60, 30 days of operations and provide a recommendation for the number of monthly or annual operations that we might need.

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Integromat had a variable for checking operations left.

I just submitted a request for them to bring that back to make, before I move over my Platinum(800,000 operations per/month) Integromat Business account to the Make platform. I believe they are working on giving us some of what you are looking for shortly.

I have it output % operations used every 6 hours for me to text message, or after heavy use cycles. and projected use based on a 7-14 and 30 day average in google sheets.

This solution does cost operations to run, so not as good on low operation quantity accounts.

  • once a day number to sheet costs 28-31 operations a month
  • once a day chat/text notification + number to sheet costs 56-62 operations a month
  • every 6 hours is 4 times the above.

=[your org ID]/ In the meantime, here is the API endpoint, this also has the added advantage of not costing operations.

(api endpoint is slightly different for American hosted make accounts.)

There are plugins available for google sheets to auto pull API data.


It has been re-introduced into :make: make now.