Original sender gmail for monday automation

Hello everyone :tulip:
New to make and automation in general.

I have mailbox only for invoices that i receive from my suppliers.

I’ve created a scenario where when I receive there an e-mail it creates an item on monday.
I’ve mapped date, email address sender, name and attached file.

Sometimes I receive invoices on my personal e-mail and I forward it to the “bills email address”.
I’ve set up a formula to not retrive my email address, until here all perfect.

Now I would like to retrive instead the original sender address.

I’ve asked chatgpt and it suggested me to parse the header email headers.
I tried to use the parse module, but I got lost there.

If chatgpt is right, can someone help me and explain how to use the module?

If not, I’ll be great for a better solution :heartpulse:

Thank you! :pray:

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You shouldn’t need to parse anything, because it should already be in the headers collection.

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Thank you for the reply.

I’ve seen that, but think I don’t understand what I need to map, “original sender” is always empty.