Outlook automation by category


I’m looking to see if it is possible to set up the following function and how to go about it:

Using Outlook on a mac, when I receive an email, my outlook rules categorise it by use of rules I set up.

I would like to set up a process where outlook sends an email to a predefined email address with a predefined text while cc’ing the party/parties that sent me the initial email as per the following steps:

  1. Email received from a sender or senders.
  2. The email may contain attachments.
  3. Outlook rules place it in a category - Orange.
  4. Upon reading it, if I decide to apply a new category, say - Purple, this triggers the next step below.
  5. The originally received email and attachments (if any) is sent to a predefined email address with a predefined content while the original senders and those who were cc’d on the original email are cc’d on this new email, along with myself being cc’d.

I’ve been playing around with Outlook settings on make but I don’t see anything for categories, so any assistance will be welcome.

Thank you.