Output being used by a Module and then not available for future Modules

I am importing Excel Rows and converting to specific CSV format then doing some other actions. I simply want to get the number of rows in the initial Excel, but struggling to get that count without the Excel output being dropped and not available to the Create CSV module. Is there some setting I am missing that will stop a module using and discarding the output?

Simply put a numeric aggregator in between to get count of rows

Now Excel module is lost and only item available is tools. How do you keep the output alive

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Seems some modules like to drop data from prior modules once used such as Numeric aggregator or CSV. This is painful if you want to use data later, so need to save data to a variable and then grab it again later. Maybe just intentional way to up the operation count?

My solution that works to get me the value I need and use it later. Possibly a more elegant way, but it works.

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Use an array aggregator first, it still preserves all the data, and you can get the total number of items in the array by using the built-in function length.

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