Output object missing in following modules

My slack module provides an output with an “attachements” object (see “attachements” image).
I’d like to use data from this object in the following module. But when I’m trying to map data, “attachements” object is missing (see “slack attachement missing” image).

Is there a reason and a solution for that?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Steph,

That is how Make initially respond if there is no data to evaluate from, so if your scenario hasn’t received any data then it will render default set of mapping expected from app.

Try running the scenario once and it should be there.

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You are right. Actually I had run the scenario once (this is when I did the screenshot) but the object was still missing. Then I closed make and opened the scenario, the object is here! Don’t know if it’s a refresh bug, I was used to see the data in mapping as soon as I’m running a scenario.

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